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Welcome to Bell Baxter High School’s website.  We intend to use the site to enhance the communication we have with pupils, parents and the wider school community.  The school community should make this site their first reference point for information about the school.

Should you require further information about any of the items on the school’s site then you should contact the school directly on (01334) 659459.  

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15th January 2015

S1 Activities Day Booklet

15th January 2015

S3 Activities Day Booklet

12th January 2015

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Upcoming Events

29th January 2015 - Parent Council Meeting

30th January 2015 - Mock Exams End

3rd February 2015 - P7 Parents’ Meeting

5th February 2015 - S3 Parents’ Evening (3.01 - 3.09)

9th February 2015 - S3 Parents’ Evening (3.10 - 3.15)

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Study Support

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S1 - S3 Activities Day

Activities Day has been a highly successful venture for the school over the last several years.  The initiative demonstrates our commitment to building good working relationships with pupils and enhancing the ethos of school……read more.

School Colours

Forms are now available to enable pupils, staff and external groups to nominate pupils to be considered for the award of School Colours.  Further information and documentation can be found on our School Colours page.

The Future of Education Provision in Fife

Following a series of public consultations about the future provision of Education in Fife, the council are inviting further comments to be sent to them with a deadline of 31st January, 2015.  Further information can be found on the Education Provision in Schools web page, or comments can be submitted via

The Parent Council are due to discuss the issues raised as part of the engagement sessions….read more.

Dance Show - 2nd February, 2015

The Faculty of Health and Wellbeing will be showcasing the dancing talent of our pupils in a Dance Show to be held in the school on the evening of Monday, 2nd February….read more.