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Welcome to Bell Baxter High School’s website.  We intend to use the site to enhance the communication we have with pupils, parents and the wider school community.  The school community should make this site their first reference point for information about the school.

Should you require further information about any of the items on the school’s site then you should contact the school directly on (01334) 659459.  

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Study Support

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Recent Website Updates

4th February 2016

Football and Heptathlon Success

22nd January 2016

Senior Phase (S4-S6) Pathways Booklet - Course Descriptors

22nd January 2016

School Handbook, Session 2016-17

20th January 2016

School Colours

18th January 2016

School Week Proposal for Session 2016-2017

14th December 2015

Standards and Quality Report, 2014-15: Parents’ Synopsis

11th November 2015

Severe Weather Information for Parents & Carers

Upcoming Events

4th February 2016 - S3 Parents’ Evening (3A-3F/3.01-3.09)

8th February 2016 - S3 Parents’ Evening (3G-3J/3.10-3.15)

10th February 2016 - Closure Day

11th & 12th February 2016 - Half Term Break

wb 15th February 2016 - S2/S3 Curriculum Booklets Issued

19th February 2016 - Colours Nomination Deadline

26th February 2016 - Deadline for S3 Course Choice Forms

2nd March - Parent Council Meeting @ 7pm

School Closure - Severe Weather Information for Parents and Carers (Updated)

Fife Council has just released an updated document to answer the questions that Parents and Carers may have in the event of a school closure.  A copy of “School closure - Severe weather information for Parents and Carers, 11th November 2015” can now be downloaded from this site.

The Farr Institute of Health Informatics Research - Advanced Higher Statistics

Pupils studying Advanced Higher Statistics were invited, along with a similar group from Madras College, to take part in an engagement session at the annual Farr Institute Conference, held this year at the University of St Andrews.

The Farr Institute consists of researchers from a number of UK universities who use routinely collected health data to improve health outcomes.  The conference brought together researchers in this field from all over the world.

The pupils spent the day looking at the importance of statistical methods for improving treatments and approaches to health.  The pupils also had the opportunity to talk to the people from The Farr Institute about their careers and opportunities that exist in this field.

Health and Wellbeing Newsletter

The latest edition of the Health and Wellbeing Newsletter is now available to download from this website.  You will find top tips for studying; see some of the photographs taken at our ‘One planet picnic’, and find out what’s been happening with the rugby programme which runs in the school.

Study Support Programme

The Study Support Programme for this term - from January to March -  is now available to download from this site.  The sessions aim to provide pupils with access to supported learning opportunities with staff to consolidate classroom learning.  

All subject faculties are providing a range of sessions to support the learning of pupils at all levels: see the “Study Support Programme, Jan - Mar 2016” for further details.

School Week Proposal for Session 2016-2017

In the Autumn term of 2015 the school was instructed by Fife Council to maximise the efficiency of the school day and timetable to make best use of all available resources, including staff, and provide opportunities for partnership and links with other education and employability skills providers.  The SLT announced their proposed changes to the school community at the beginning of December 2015.

During December and January 2016 the views of pupils, parents/carers and staff were sought and, whilst there was a low level of response to the consultation from some sections of the school community, the consultation provided all stakeholders with an opportunity to express their views… more.

School Colours

The nomination process for School Colours is now open for this session.  The Colours system recognises achievement in and service to the school entitling pupils to wear blazers and braid.  The Colours system reflects the wider achievements of pupils and, in the last few years, has been further developed to include the award of “Half Colours” and a “Colours Tie”.

The Colours System forms just one way in which achievement is celebrated at Bell Baxter and they can be awarded for outstanding school achievement in the following areas:

The Colours timeline, Pupil Nomination Form and Parent Information letter can be downloaded from the site.

School Handbook, Session 2016-17

The School Handbook is now available for download from the school’s website.  The handbook provides the parents and carers of pupils coming to Bell Baxter with a range of information about the school.  Parents and carers will find information about such topics as buses, extra-curricular activities, the school week and the structure of the school.

If you require a printed copy of the document then please contact the school’s Main Office:

Telephone: 01334 659459


Senior Phase (S4-S6) Pathways Booklet - Course Descriptors

The Senior Phase (S4-S6) Pathways Option Booklet is now available from the website.  Pupils in S3-S5 should familiarise themselves with the booklet to aid course options for Session 2016-2017.

Full details regarding option choice will be issued to pupils in February.

Football and Heptathlon Success

Congratulations go to our Under 18 Football and Giant Heptathlon teams following success in their respective Senior Scottish Shield and Fife competitions.

The Under 18s Football Team progressed to the quarter finals of the Scottish Shield by defeating Stirling High School 4 - 0.  This is an outstanding achievement by the team and they are now likely to face SFA Performance Schools in the last eight.

The Giant Heptathlon Team  retained the Fife championship on Wednesday.  The team kept up the great success of the school in this event.  The school has now been heptathlon champions for the last four years.

Wins at the East District Cross Country Series

DAS pupils took part in the East District Cross Country series race at Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy last week.  The torrential rain didn’t hamper the pupils as they participated in the the girls and boys 1km races.  Congratulations to Dean Bruce (1st Open 1km and best S4 boy), Shane White (2nd S4 boy), Patrick Steffens (7th S4 boy), Arran Howe (3rd S3 boy), Richy Stacey (1st S1 boy) and Kerry Kotlewski (1st S3 girl).

These were remarkable results for the pupils considering there were large numbers - 47 in the boys 1km race alone - participating in the races.  Congratulations to everyone!