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Welcome to Bell Baxter High School’s website.  We intend to use the site to enhance the communication we have with pupils, parents and the wider school community.  The school community should make this site their first reference point for information about the school.

Should you require further information about any of the items on the school’s site then you should contact the school directly on (01334) 659459.  

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Recent Website Updates

26th November 2015

Numeracy Across the Curriculum - A Guide for Parents

26th November 2015

Lessons from Auschwitz

26th November 2015

Bell Baxter Diary

26th November 2015

CfE Higher English - Advice

18th November 2015

Rugby Programme - Update

17th November 2015

Toy Drive Initiative

11th November 2015

Severe Weather Information for Parents & Carers

11th November 2015

Senior Phase Assessment Overview

Upcoming Events

26th November 2015 - Higher & Adv. H. Parents’ Evening

2nd December 2015 - S1 Parents’ Evening

8th December 2015 - S1 Parents’ Evening

9th December 2015 - Parent Council Meeting @ 7pm

10th December 2015 - S1 & S2 Christmas Dance

15th December 2015 - S3 & S4 Christmas Dance

17th December 2015 - S5 & S6 Christmas Dance

18th December 2015 - End of Term @ 12:30pm

Senior Phase Assessment Overview

To help pupils plan for the term ahead we have  published a “Senior Phase Assessment Overview” outlining all course assessments within each curriculum/subject area.  Pupils are therefore asked to familiarise themselves with the documentation in order that they know when formal summative assessments are being given in each subject area they are studying.  Subjects teachers will give more detailed advice relating to assessments within their curricular area.

School Closure - Severe Weather Information for Parents and Carers (Updated)

Fife Council has just released an updated document to answer the questions that Parents and Carers may have in the event of a school closure.  A copy of “School closure - Severe weather information for Parents and Carers, 11th November 2015” can now be downloaded from this site.

Toy Drive

The Parent Council and the school have joined forces to promote the local Children & Families Team’s  “Toy drive” initiative.  Now in its third year, the initiative asks members of the public, businesses and schools to donate new gifts suitable for a child to be opened on Christmas morning.  The team then organise the donations into age order and suitability before being matched with a child or family.

Bell Baxter has agreed to act as a collection point for the initiative; House Captains will collect donations from registration and gifts can be left at the Main Office.  

This initiative runs until the 30th November, 2015.

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Rugby Programme - Update

The school is running a Rugby Programme with the support of the SRU and Howe of Fife RFC.  Currently, over 160 boys and 26 girls are involved in curricular and extra-curricular training sessions and games as part of the rugby programme.

The school finished fourth in the SRU’s Blue Conference league and being the only comprehensive school within the competition this is an incredible achievement all of the teams…..full article.

Bell Baxter Diary

There has been quite a lot happening in the school over the last few weeks.  Pupils attended the Remembrance Service; Holocaust events were marked following a visit to Auschwitz by two senior pupils in their role as school ambassadors representing the Holocaust Educational Trust; the cast and crew of Macbeth performed at the Lochgelly Centre as part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival, and the Parent Council launched their support for the “Toy Drive”… more in the Bell Baxter Diary.

Lessons from Auschwitz

Two of our S6 pupils, Olivia Downes and Louise Carlton, have recently returned from Poland after visiting the Auschwitz concentration and death camp in their role as school ambassadors representing the Holocaust Education Trust - this is their report.

The group explores the lessons of the Holocaust and its relevance for today.  The Holocaust Education Trust aims to increase knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust for young people and to clearly highlight what can happen if prejudice and racism become acceptable. The importance of identity in times of conflict and crises is being highlighted.  We discuss the Holocaust by referring to its victims by the social groups the Nazis intended to destroy, as opposed to them being human beings. This brings to mind the international refugee crisis that is happening today.

The aim of our project is to encourage society to see these victims as being people, rather than refugees or immigrants. We want to make a symbol of the importance of acknowledging the individual, widespread disasters, and have chosen the boat, the means by which so many have escaped their own dangerous countries… more.

CfE Higher English - Advice and Information for Pupils and Parents/Carers

The Faculty of English have just published a document - “CfE Higher English: Advice for pupils and parents/carers” - aimed at setting out course requirements and key dates for unit assessments/portfolio submissions.