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Welcome to Bell Baxter High School’s website.  We intend to use the site to enhance the communication we have with pupils, parents and the wider school community.  The school community should make this site their first reference point for information about the school.

Should you require further information about any of the items on the school’s site then you should contact the school directly on (01334) 659459.  

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22nd October 2014

S2 English - Child Poverty Project

17th October 2014

Safe Drive Stay Alive - Parents’ Event

7th October 2014

100% P.E. Participation Policy

24th September 2014

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8th September 2014

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8th September 2014

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27th October 2014 - First Day of Term

30th October 2014 - Parent Council Meeting

6th November 2014 - S2 Parents’ Evening (2.01-2.09)

11th November 2014 - S2 Parents’ Evening (2.10-2.16)

13th & 14th November 2014 - Closure Days

2nd December 2014 - Parent Council Meeting

11th December 2014 - S1/S2 Christmas Dance

16th December 2014 - S3/S4 Christmas Dance

18th December 2014 - S5/S6 Christmas Dance

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Safe Drive Stay Alive - Parents’ Event

Parents and carers are invited to attend the new “Safe Drive Stay Alive” Evening Show being held at the Rothes Halls on Thursday 6th November at 7pm.  The show aims to support parents to promote safe driving behaviour amongst senior pupils.  Senior pupils themselves will be attending the event with the school after the October holidays.

Free tickets for the “Safe Drive Stay Alive” event can be booked by calling (01592) 611101.

Participation in Physical Education

The Faculty of Health and Wellbeing have just released an update for parents - “100% P.E. Participation Policy” - regarding the participation of pupils in Physical Education, and advice for parents/carers on the type of P.E. kit preferred by the faculty.  Please note, parents/carers can purchase Bell Baxter branded P.E. clothing from Saltire Wear.