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Why join the Parent Council?

People join the Parent Council for a variety of reasons, and a range of contributions are welcome.  

First and foremost, being a member of the Parent Council provides an opportunity to hear first-hand about educational issues affecting the school, and allows members to feedback parents’ views on matters relating to the school.  The school are good at listening and, over the years, we have found that the trust and respect built up through working together with the aim of ensuring all children can be best they can be, helps to create a positive and beneficial relationship.

Whilst the Parent Council is not the forum to raise issues concerning individual children, the opportunity to become involved and be consulted on matters affecting your children’s education, including the setting of some school policies, provides an opportunity to ensure parents’ views are shared with the school.  The Rector provides an update at every meeting and this ensures that topical issues are be picked up early and additional information provided for parents and carers if we think that would be helpful.

To give the school as much scope as possible to provide or subsidise a range of additional opportunities we raise funds for the school.  This is an area where there is plenty of scope for people to participate in supporting the Parent Council, from planning and running bigger events to sourcing prizes or simply selling raffle tickets on the night.  “Many hands make light work” as the saying goes, and we would welcome interest from people who would be prepared to help with some of these activities.....or even run a fund-raising sub-group!

“Get involved and support Bell Baxter to enable your child to become the best they can be!”

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